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On Sale!

Casual Kitty Mouse Patrol Tees

The perfect impulse or gift purchase for cats with attitude!

Fits Length
Fits Necks
Fits Chests
Up to 10"
8" - 9"
12" - 14"
10" - 12"
9" - 10"
14" - 16"
12" - 14"
10" - 11"
16" - 18"
14" - 16"
11" - 12"
18" - 19"
16" - 18"
12" - 13"
19" - 20"
$5.99 X-Small / Item #Cat-T1
$6.99 Small / Item #Cat-T2
$7.99 Medium / Item #Cat-T3
$8.99 Large / Item #Cat-T4
$9.99 X-Large / Item #Cat-T5

Zanies Patriotic Kitty Toys
(6 per package)

Cats will give three cheers for these fun red, white, and blue toys! Includes stars, balls, and mouse shaped cat toys, each with an attached bell.

$6.99 per pkg / Item #ZPKT1

Zanies Holiday Stocking with Mice

A holiday gift for cats that makes a great impulse purchase: six mouse toys infused with catnip, bundled in a colorful holiday stocking. For the purr-fect holiday pet gift, our Zanies® Holiday Stocking is sure to please.

$7.99 / Item #SM1

Savvy Tabby Holiday Hideouts

A crinkly "Santa Sack" with two attached toys. Two layers of plush fabric with crinkle material in between. Adjustable wire rim opening gives cats easy access.

On Sale!

$15.99 / Item #Tabby1

Zanies Meow Pals Teasers

Zanies® Meow Pals Teasers give cats the joy of playing with miniature, marionette-like cat characters. These bouncy, 5 3/4" toys are attached to the end of plastic poles with 26 1/2"-long elastic bands, making them jump and jive in unexpected ways. Catnip inside the toys adds to cats’ interactive, playtime fun.

$4.99 / Item #MPT-1

Zanies Twirl & Whirl Cat Teasers

Fun and exercise is guaranteed with these irresistible new pole toys. Zanies® Twirl & Whirl Cat Teasers incite cats to jump, grab, and somersault. Bright, plush, multicolored 16" streamers are securely attached to a long, flexible plastic pole. Sure to bring out the kitty in your cats. Assorted colors.

$4.99 / Item #TWC

Zanies Glitter Pom-Pom Balls
(6 per pkg)

Bright, colorful Glitter Pom-Pom Balls measures 2".

$5.99 per pkg / Item #POMB-1

Zanies Rainbow Rollers

Our Zanies® Rainbow Rollers are durable, washable plastic balls that cats love to bat and chase. Each includes a rattle for added fun. 2 per pkg.

$2.99 per pkg / Item #RRollers-1

Meow Town Smiling Kitty Tunnels

Meow Town™ Smiling Kitty Tunnel Entertains Cats For Hours

Active cats will love hiding and playing in our Smiling Kitty Tunnel. Soft and cozy, this 46" long, flexible tunnel features a tail, four paws, ears, and an embroidered kitty cat face. Crinkle lining inside walls entice cats to play, while gray plush fabric offers a soft, warm place to snuggle and nap. Has four openings for hours of fun. Folds down to 14" for easy storage. Measures 9 3/4" in diameter and measures 52" in total length including tail.

$49.99 / Item #CT1

Zanies Tunnel Of Fun

Far-Out Fun For Felines!

Our Zanies® Tunnel of Fun keeps frisky felines feelin' groovy all day long. Retro 60's flower power plush tunnel gives cats a cozy place to chill out or play. Three large openings offer easy access. Crackle material inside creates an enticing sound to pique cat's curiosity. Flexible tunnel measures 9" in diameter and expands to 39 1/2" long.

$42.99 / Item #PE4

Zanies Skedaddles

Zanies® Skedaddles—Wind-Up Fun for Active Cats!

One pull of their cord will send these crazy characters skittering and jittering across the floor, driving cats wild wherever they go! Soft plush invites playful cats to pounce. No batteries required! Choose Hedgehog, Squirrel, Mouse, or Racoon.

$7.99 each / Item #PEC-016

Cat Toys Furry Mice (8 per pkg)

These authentic-looking mice provide hours of fun and exercise, and are a healthy outlet for a cat's natural hunting instinct. Mice with fur-covered bodies and felt noses and eyes. Mice measure approximately 3" long

$4.99 per pkg / Item #PEC-005

Tall Thin Mice

Faux-Fur Mice in all shapes and sizes. This tall, thin mouse will provide great entertainment for your cat and offer plenty of laughs watching.

On Sale!

$.99 each / Item #PEC-010

Two Tone Furry Mice with Feather Tail

Cats of all ages can't resist these bright, colorful furry mice. Real fur cover and added feathers entice cats for hours of fun. Mice feature felt eyes and noses and measure 5" long including tail.


$.45 each / Item #PEC-011

Kitty Catnip Creatures (6 per pkg)

Creatures are in six fun and brightly colored animal shapes: Dog, Bear, Duck, Cow, Monkey, and Cat. Creatures are soft and stuffed with catnip to drive cats wild.

$5.99 per pkg / Item #PEC-012

Rainbow Mice (8 per pkg)

These eye-catching rainbow fur mice provide hours of fun and exercise, and are a healthy outlet for a cat's natural hunting instinct. Catnip-treated mice with fur covered bodies and felt noses and eye. Mice are approximately 3" long.


$4.99 per pkg / Item #PEC-013

Zanies Leather Mice (10 per pkg)

Catnip mice are always popular with cats and cat owners. Being handcrafted from real leather gives these mice more durability for longer playtime fun. Leather mice are in black, brown, and gray. Mice have felt face detailing and are approximately 4" in length including the leather tail.


$3.99 per pkg / Item #PEC-014
Zanies Showtime Chenille Balls Assorted Colors

Chenille Balls are made of bright colors and tinsel accents. These 1 1/2" plastic balls are covered in woven chenille for a texture cats love. A rattle inside adds to the fun.


$.60 each / Item #PEC-103

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