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Zanies Darling Little Dinos 8 Inch

Zanies® Darling Little Dinos—A Prehistoric Value

Cute and cuddly, these Darling Little Dinos make fun playtime pals for any dog. Each irresistible 8" critter is made of soft, durable plush and contains a squeaker. Stock up now before supplies become extinct.

$3.99 each /
Item #DINO1

Zanies Plush Pals

The wonderful detailing of these squeak toys will make you giggle. The soft vibrantly colored plush is double stitched for durability. Plush Pals are available in the types Elephant, Doggy and Piggy. Doggy measures 7", Elephant measures 8", Piggy measures 6 1/2"

$4.99 each /
Item #PALS1

The picture below is a comparison picture so you can see how big these really are. They are much bigger than the Zanies Plush Pigs. These are awesome toys for the larger dogs. :-)

Zanies Barnyard Grunters

Zanies® Barnyard Grunters Tip The Scales With Big Time Fun

Who left the barn door open? Zanies Barnyard Grunters are at large and in charge of rustling up some playtime fun. Jumbo-sized, 12" soft plush farm animals are the perfect size and shape for medium- to large-sized dog breeds. Goofy and endearing Pig, Duck, and Sheep toys feature oversized bellies with internal grunters. Unique, low-pitched grunting sound delights pets and keeps them enthused with interactive play. Barnyard Grunters are the perfect toy for chewing, carrying, and snuggling. Buy all three animal personalities for a farm full of fun! Barnyard Grunters are available in the types Sheep, Duck and Pig. These are great for medium to large dogs. These are Jumbo-sized at 12".

$9.99 each /
Item #BG1

Zanies Plush Pigs 5.5 Inch

Dogs Will Go Hog Wild for Zanies® Plush Pigs

These fun, ultra soft, plush toys will keep dogs entertained for hours. Roly-poly bodies and chubby little cheeks. Each toy measures 5 1/2" and has a grunter to call dogs to play.

$4.99 each / Item #PE-405

Plush Firecracker

Get your dog a firecracker for Fourth of July!
• Soft plush jack shape that dogs love for tug and fetch. Squeakers inside.

• If you’re visiting dog-loving friends or relations as part of your celebration, bring one of these along!

$5.99 each / Item #JB-225

Multi Color Jack (Left Side)
Ball Jack (Right Side)

Rainbow Jacks in Fleece and Plush

The Rainbow Jacks in fleece and plush are big, soft dog toys in a fun jack shape. Dogs love the jacks because they have lots of things to grab!
• There's a squeaker in each point.
• These are made of bright plush and super soft fleece.
• Please choose 6” Ball Jack, 7” Multi-Color Jack, 11” Ball Jack or 12” Multi-Color Jack.

$8.99 each (11” Ball Jack or 12” Multi-Color Jack) / Item #JB-026

Zanies Tiny Tuggers 7 Inch

Everything Dogs Want in One Fun Toy!

Chew it, tug it, squeak it, hug it—Tiny Tuggers have it all! Tiny Tuggers combine everything dogs want in a toy, a soft plush bone center with squeaker and tough cotton ropes sprouting from either end for challenging games of tug. Ideal for puppies or small- to medium-sized dogs. Tiny Tuggers are available in Green, Pink, Yellow, and Blue.

$5.29 each / Item #PE-303

Zanies Citrusss Snakes 13 Inch

Each large toy contains a bungee in its brightly-striped body to extend to a full 21" making them ideal for tugging. Snakes are made of soft, durable plush that dogs love to chew and snuggle, and each contains a squeaker for extra fun. Citrusss Snakes are available in Orange, Lime, and Lemon.

$5.99 each / Item #PE-204

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